Slovan ***


Hotel Slovan offers accomodation in 96 rooms (single and double bedrooms with possibility of additional beds), in total 176 beds. Part of the rooms is restored and equipped with complete accessories (showers or baths, toilet, phone with dialled direct, TV). The economy rooms have a shared bathroom and toilet on the floor.


Hotel restaurant, safe parking-site in the closed courtyard.


Hotel is situated in the centre of Plzeň, in a park area, near historic city.

How to get to UWBC

The hotel is located approximately 8 minutes by car to the Meeting venue.
Or by public transport: from tram stop U Práce, Klatovská situated 8 minutes walk away from the hotel take a tram No. 4 and go 6 stops to tram station Bory. There change to the bus station, take a bus No. 30 or 24 and go to the bus stop Západočeská univerzita. UWBC is located next to the bus station. The journey should take up to 25 minutes.

Hotel address

Smetanovy sady 1, Plzeň