Purkmistr ****


Purkmistr hotel offers accommodation in 32 comfort certified rooms. The hotel’s total capacity is 65 beds (1 four-bed suite, 1 two-bed suite, 1 single room, 10 twin rooms, 19 double rooms). Rooms are equipped with LCD TV sets with 15 channels, direct access telephones, radio, safe, mini-bars, user-operated air conditioning, LAN or Wi-Fi Internet unlimited access, bathtub or shower, built-in hairdryer, quality cosmetics.


The Purkmistr restaurant, brewery and bowling. Parking area approximately 50 m from the complex with a capacity of 70 seats, parking is guarded by a camera recording system.


Purkmistr is situated in suburb in Plzeň near the shopping centre Olympia.

How to get to UWBC

The hotel is located approximately 13 minutes by car to the Meeting venue.
Or by public transport: from bus stop Černice, K Plzenci  situated 2 minutes walk away from the hotel take a bus No. 13 and go 8 stops to the bus station Malostranská. There change for bus No. 30 and continue 6 stops to the bus station Západočeská univerzita. UWBC is located next to the bus station. The journey should take up to 30 minutes.

Hotel address

Selská náves 21/2, Plzeň